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INFJs & the ‘Empathy’ Gene: High on Helping

If you test as an INFJ or another intuitive feeling type, there's a high probability that you perceive yourself as empathetic. While having an empathy gene won't bring Dexter back from the dead (GDI), it might explain why you thought it was sweet that the ghost of his sister (Deb Morgan) held his hand as […]

My True Ancestry: Finding Out my DNA Matches a Modern Hollander

Introverts, Unhappiness & Low ‘Reward Dependence’

INFJ Door Slam: Avoidance & the Vengefulness Genes

Psychoanalysis of the Difficult Boss — When to Cut Bait

My DNA Personality Trait Results: I Wasn’t Born an Intuitive

Dream Interpretation of a Never-Married INTJ

How Does an INFJ Feel About Artificial Intelligence?

MBTI & Finance: How Thinking Types Ruin Stock Market Fun

16 Personalities: INTJ as the Lord of Swords

16 Personalities: INFP Princess of Cups

16 Personalities: ISFP as the Princess of Wands

16 Personalities: ENTJ as King of Swords

16 Personalities: ESTJ as King of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ESFP Lady of Wands

16 Personalities: ENFP as Knight of Cups

16 Personalities: INTP as the Lady of Swords

16 Personalities: ISTJ as Queen of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ENTP Knight of Swords

16 Personalities: ENFJ as Lady of the Lake

16 Personalities: ISFJ as Lord of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ESFJ Knight of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ISTP Queen of Wands

16 Personalities: ESTP King of Wands

16 Personalities: INFJ as the Queen of Cups

Dating Members Only

Introverts Dating the ‘Naughty’ & Novelty-Seeking Genes

Some introverts admit they like to date the naughty ones. Adventurous and thrill-seeking people have gene variations associated with strong novelty-seeking behavior. They are the opposites of more reserved and subdued personalities. Personality traits often come down to the modulation of brain chemicals. Unfortunately, with the novelty-seeking trait, it could mean addictive behavior and substance […]

Intuitive Dating: The Pheromone Factor

Empathetic Mates & the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ Test

Infidelity Genes: Are You Dating a Born Cheater?


Fall’s Fallen Apple Cake

It’s autumn on the island, but Gwenllian Tudor still craves her favorite fall apple cake. Fortunately, a mix-up in the drone food delivery system means a fall apple cake falls from the Sky Mall. The cake is baked fresh by Ms. Peacock in the nearby Tudor Mansion. Fall Apple Cake Ingredients 2 large eggs 2 […]

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