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Tarot & MBTI: Druid No. 7 as the Chariot

Druid No. 7, a visitor to the Tudor Mansion, is an INFP who was inducted as the seventh member of the Tudor Mansion's mind meetings. Druid No. 7 is the Chariot Card, which is the seventh major arcana card in the tarot deck. While some say the Chariot card is an ENTJ personality type, the […]

Tarot & MBTI: The Butler as the Fool

Tarot & MBTI: Ms. Peacock as the Empress

Tarot & MBTI: INFJ Lady as the High Priestess

Tarot & MBTI: Mr. Green as the Magician

INFJs & the ‘Empathy’ Gene: High on Helping

My True Ancestry: Finding Out my DNA Matches a Modern Hollander

Introverts, Unhappiness & Low ‘Reward Dependence’

INFJ Door Slam: Avoidance & the Vengefulness Genes

Psychoanalysis of the Difficult Boss — When to Cut Bait

My DNA Personality Trait Results: I Wasn’t Born an Intuitive

Dream Interpretation of a Never-Married INTJ

How Does an INFJ Feel About Artificial Intelligence?

MBTI & Finance: How Thinking Types Ruin Stock Market Fun

16 Personalities: INTJ as the Lord of Swords

16 Personalities: INFP Princess of Cups

16 Personalities: ISFP as the Princess of Wands

16 Personalities: ENTJ as King of Swords

16 Personalities: ESTJ as King of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ESFP Lady of Wands

16 Personalities: ENFP as Knight of Cups

16 Personalities: INTP as the Lady of Swords

16 Personalities: ISTJ as Queen of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ENTP Knight of Swords

16 Personalities: ENFJ as Lady of the Lake

16 Personalities: ISFJ as Lord of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ESFJ Knight of Pentacles

16 Personalities: ISTP Queen of Wands

16 Personalities: ESTP King of Wands

16 Personalities: INFJ as the Queen of Cups

Dating Members Only

Introverts Dating the ‘Naughty’ & Novelty-Seeking Genes

Some introverts admit they like to date the naughty ones. Adventurous and thrill-seeking people have gene variations associated with strong novelty-seeking behavior. They are the opposites of more reserved and subdued personalities. Personality traits often come down to the modulation of brain chemicals. Unfortunately, with the novelty-seeking trait, it could mean addictive behavior and substance […]

Intuitive Dating: The Pheromone Factor

Empathetic Mates & the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ Test

Infidelity Genes: Are You Dating a Born Cheater?


Fall’s Fallen Apple Cake

It’s autumn on the island, but Gwenllian Tudor still craves her favorite fall apple cake. Fortunately, a mix-up in the drone food delivery system means a fall apple cake falls from the Sky Mall. The cake is baked fresh by Ms. Peacock in the nearby Tudor Mansion. Fall Apple Cake Ingredients 2 large eggs 2 […]

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