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Introverts, Unhappiness & Low ‘Reward Dependence’

When I found out I have genes associated with the "low reward dependence" personality trait, I wasn't the least surprised because I'm like a lot of introverts  -- rarely motivated to do something based on the archetypal dangling carrot. What's most interesting is the fact that researchers believe people who are more responsive to rewards […]

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INFJ/Gen-X Perspective on Hipster Dating Coaches

Today I'm sharing my thoughts about hipster (millennial) dating coaches from an INFJ & Gen-X perspective. I find the dating coaches on You Tube quite intriguing. For starters, the hipster guy I watch wears his hair in a pompadour like I've only heard about in the “Keeping the Faith” song by Billy Joel -- which […]

Intuitive Dating: The Pheromone Factor

Empathetic Mates & the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ Test

Infidelity Genes: Are You Dating a Born Cheater?


Fall’s Fallen Apple Cake

It’s autumn on the castaway island, but Gwenllian Tudor still craves her favorite fall apple cake. Fortunately, a mix-up in the drone food delivery system means a fall apple cake falls from the Sky Mall. The cake is baked fresh by Ms. Peacock in the nearby Tudor Mansion. Fall Apple Cake Ingredients 2 large eggs […]

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