Journey for Love Under The Long Nights Moon

MBTI enthusiasts often ask whether there is a “twin flame” match for each personality type. What if you are already in a commitment with someone who is not your ideal? What if your dream man lives on a different planet? The Long Nights Moon is symbolic of the lifelong search for love because it is the December moon. It shines above the horizon for the longest stretch of time to give us light that illuminates what we feel inside of our hearts.

Movie Star Ginger wonders whether the castle only became an open-air one because she stepped on part of the sand castle by mistake. INFJs are often clumsy like that.

Movie Star Ginger stands by the altar in the castle’s chapel various tarot cards come before the Hierophant tarot card.

“But what if my spouse is not the Holy Grail love match?” the Movie Star ESTJ King of Pentacles asks.

“That means your relationship will be all the more fun,” the Movie Star Moon Card says. “You will learn to understand the many moods of the moon.”

The Movie Star Hierophant card interrupts. “Marriages come with many challenges. You and your spouse will receive higher rewards in heaven by working on the weak cognitive functions so that any coupling becomes the Holy Grail coupling.”

All of the tarot cards anxiously await the Sacred Hollywood Wedding between the May king and queen. Who will play the roles? …

Thank you for reading an excerpt from 8 MBTI Holy Grail Love Matches Under The Long Nights Moon.

Then later…

What if I can’t forgive you?

“I love you even if you can’t forgive me.”

What if none of your friends like me?

“I love you whether my friends like you or dislike you. I love you whether you have friends or don’t have friends. I love you whether it’s fall in the spring or winter in the summer. I love you when your tummy hurts and when you are dying of an unidentified disease. I love you when you have had a mid-morning aphrodisiac cocktail and when you are sober. I love you when you trip down the staircase and when you dance. I love you when you sing and when you can’t remember how to talk. I loved you before you were born. I loved you in the past. I love you in the future. I love you right now. I love you forever. You are the only one that I’ve ever loved.”

That is true. How could he possibly have time to think about any woman other than me?

“Even if I had all of the time in the world, I still only think of you.”

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And there are voices that want to be heard
So much to mention but you can’t find the words
The scent of magic, the beauty that’s been
When love was wilder than the wind…

I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why
But listen to your heart – Roxette “Listen to Your Heart”


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