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8 Holy Grail MBTI Love Matches

The identity of the May King is hidden by the king’s winter costume. After the May Queen’s handmaidens act out the death of winter, a new king emerges out of the old. Still his identity is hidden by the spring costume.

“This symbolizes the fact that you are free to love anyone you want,” the High Priestess says. “No one can tell you who to love. Love does not separate by race, color, religion, gender, sexuality, identity, education, political affiliation or status. Love is patient. Kind. And it believes and hopes for all good things.”

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Chapter ONE: Waking up on a Bored Game

Ginger smiles to herself. She lifts her head off of a life-size chess board that serves as a makeshift bed on the dunes feeling completely refreshed and invigorated.

She once read that if you ever find yourself on a desert island, you should make puppets to talk to in order to stay positive while keeping your mind sharp.

Since she never quite got the knack of sewing, Ginger comes up with the imaginative idea of using tarot cards in place of puppets.

Conveniently, she finds an Arthurian pack of tarot cards in the sand for her open-air theater. Quite clearly the “Queen of the Bored,” Ginger chooses three tarot cards to express herself – the Queen of Cups, the High Priestess and the Moon.

Ginger, who is an “INFJ” of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system, makes a vow to figure out the greatest MBTI unsolved mysteries of love. What are the eight Holy Grail love matches for the 16 personality types?

Although she can’t remember how she tripped over the full moon while letting her imagination take her on a wild ride, Ginger feels gratitude for the soft wavelike dunes of sand that softened her landing.

It must be winter in the summer here because I can go sled riding on the dunes in the hot, hot, hot sun.

Ginger feels especially thankful that someone is testing a food delivery system because whenever she wants her favorite restaurant meal, perfume, clothes or rose-scented shampoo, a package magically falls at her feet. Must be fate.


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