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Welcome to the futuristic INFJ Island — a site devoted to helping people decode their DNA that holds the key to getting healthier, losing weight and finding the most compatible partners. Intuitive people perceive reality through impressions and patterns.

Our genes and personality types are pieces of the puzzle that explain how we evolved. Intuitive dieting and intuitive dating is about working with our natural rhythms and internal instincts rather than following the crowd or mimicking someone else with completely different needs.

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Personality is shaped, to a large extent, by genetics. Carl Jung did not have access to the science we have today. Our understanding of specific genes will eventually overshadow and replace the personality systems created in the past.

New Kindle Vella Platform — Historical fiction

Just launched. Kindle Vella is a new platform for serialized stories. Follow Lady Tudor as she leaves the Island to travel and tap the memories of her ancestors including Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt, the immigrant ancestor of the Roosevelt family; Jan Arentszen Vanderbilt, the immigrant ancestor of the family that built its wealth in railroads but later lost its fortune; and Jacques Baptiste Cadieux, an early settler in Quebec.

Cadieux was the result of the marriage of one of the “King’s Daughters” or Les Filles Du Roi. French ladies received a dowry under the program initiated by King Louis XIV of France to expand the North American colony of Quebec.

(Stories now open to readers).

What is MBTI?

While knowing your personality type as defined by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system helps you understand why you perceive reality a certain way, everyone uses all the “cognitive functions.” And, relationship compatibility is something people work on.

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Many intuitive writers use symbols, dreams, hyperbole, metaphors, lyrics and images that have many different meanings.

Many experts say INFJs and other feeling personalities are the “gatherer” types while INTJs and other thinking types are the “hunters” of the past. But you can check your own raw DNA to find out if you carry the so-called “farmer” vs. the “hunter-gather” gene variants.

Who are you?

We are all imperfect people living in a society that is up to us to shape. Everyone is capable of doing better, being better, giving more, caring more and practicing kindness.

Even though we share a common source or knowledge base, we all think and process in unique ways. That’s what Jung recognized when researching personality typing.


The site includes historic fiction and other fictional portrays and insights for entertainment purposes only. No content herein is intended to predict the future or serve as psychic guidance for any reader with any such occurrences being strictly coincidental and attributable to the predictable nature of humans. Check with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine. 

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