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Welcome to the INFJ Island site. Thank you for stopping by to share spiritual insights, inspiration and humor. It’s good to remain positive in life while also challenging one’s intellect and perceptions of reality.

The site is a collection of INFJ musings, esoteric writings and intellectual ideas inspired by personality typology. Learning about personality typing helps many people find their ideal life partner/spouse and lifelong friends.

What is MBTI?

While knowing your personality type as defined by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system helps you understand why you perceive reality a certain way, everyone uses all the “cognitive functions.” And, relationship compatibility is something people work on.

Love does not separate or exclude based on personality type, religion, race, color, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual identity or even political beliefs. Wisdom in found in the idea of never discussing politics and religion at the dinner table.

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Many intuitive writers use symbols, dreams, hyperbole, metaphors, lyrics and images that have many different meanings. Satire is fun — but it is easily misunderstood in today’s serious and troubled world. So, if a certain sense of humor doesn’t suit you personally, just put it aside.

Conspiracy theories are not helpful in any way when they “conspire” to keep people separate rather than bringing all people together as friends. Some conspiracy theories are taken from mythologies and fairy-tales written for specific purposes. Mythologies such as the tale of Lilith explained important facts to ancient people such as which plants and flowers were poisonous.

Fairy-tales tapped the imagination while helping people learn valuable lessons about character — whether good or bad. Today, we have to use our critical thinking skills and, when it makes sense, put aside stories that no longer serve a purpose or divide rather than bring people together.

Who are you?

We are all imperfect people living in a society that is up to us to shape. Everyone is capable of doing better, being better, giving more, caring more and practicing kindness.

Even though we share a common source or knowledge base, we all think and process in unique ways. That’s what Carl Jung recognized when researching personality typing.

As introverts who likes to perform, INFJs struggle with the contradiction with two seemingly opposing forces — one that desires privacy on an island and one that desires expression.

How do we rise above?

In life, I’ve found that God forgives us first. Then good people forgive us. Finally, we forgive ourselves. If someone is stingy with forgiveness, it simply means we need to rise above and forgive ourselves. People who bully you over past mistakes are dealing with their own pain, shortcomings and disappointments.

What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never be
Never see
Won’t see what might have been
What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven — ‘Unforgiven,’ Metallica

When will the sun shine?

A spiritually brave INFJ is a person who still looks at the world in an idealistic and optimistic way even though there are challenges. We are introverted, empathetic and balanced (left/right) brain people.

If you are new to MBTI, here are a few interesting facts about INFJs.

  • INFJs make up about 1.5 of the total population.
  • The cognitive function stack for INFJs is Ni (introverted intuition), Fe (extroverted feeling), Ti, (introverted thinking) and Se (extroverted sensing).
  • All MBTI types have a feminine and masculine expression that is not determined by one gender or another.
  • The INFJ love language is the same exact one as the INFP love language with quality time and words of affirmation ranking at the top.
  • Moreover, INFJs are part of the “idealist” family that also includes ENFJs, INFPs and ENFPs.

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