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Diet for a Day: The Almased Bikini Diet

As a typical Gen-X connoisseur of diets, I've been on weight loss shakes in the past. Yesterday, I was in the mood to re-visit the Almased Diet for my diet-for-a-day series because it always works for breaking a weight loss plateau.

And, I want to lose one pound real bad.  Almost as much as I want a hot-dog.

The Almased Diet is one of the easiest diets -- especially if you have access to a blender. Otherwise, you can use a plastic bottle and one of those metal thingies to shake it up -- and choke down a watery shake with disgusting globs. Half of which will end up all over the floor and your clothes because you can't be expected to know how to screw on a lid. You're the talent.

I used to blend the protein with cocoa, banana or peanut butter (in a blender) to make it more palatable, but the company improved the flavor with an almond-vanilla version.

Most people who want to lose weight choose their "Figure Plan" or "The Bikini-Emergency-Plan." I'll go over the plans in a minute.

First, what is Almasad? Almased is a soy-yogurt-honey protein powder touted as a low-glycemic, high protein product. A holistic therapist in Germany created the anti-stress formula that allegedly supports thyroid function.

On the plus side, this particular protein shake gives you tons of energy and makes you feel happy. On the downside, it never works for me in the evening when I'm trying to wind down. […]

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