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Diet for a Day: The Warrior Plan

While suffering through my first few attempts at daytime interval fasting, I stumbled upon the Warrior Diet. It's the equivalent of being on a date with Mr. Responsible, the 9-to-5 accountant, and meeting a dangerous man who hangs out in smoky bars -- and I don't mean juice bars.

I followed a gluten-free diet for my version of the Warrior Diet although it's not necessary to do so.

The Warrior Diet is one of those plans that gets low diet scores and bad reviews -- which makes it ideal for the one-night stand of dieting or my Diet for a Day series. The diet encourages one to do the unspeakable and forbidden -- eat at night.
I've lost most of my Covid-19 weight gain, but still want to find a comfortable diet plan that doesn't require a lot of excessive thought.

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, 'til the morning light
We were running, running with the night
We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, 'til the morning light -- Lionel Richie, 'Running with the Night'

As a person with the hunter and gatherer (and Neanderthal genes), the Warrior Plan sounded good. This is what the Warrior Diet is all about and how it made me feel.

The theory behind the diet is that fasting is an ancient habit and sometimes ritual that had practical and spiritual purposes. With the Warrior Diet, I used my fasting app, but set it so that I'd be eating during a four-hour window at night after fasting all day. I set the eating window to 6 to 10 p.m., which helped me fall asleep.


Critics say the […]

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