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Diet for a Day: What I Learned from ESTJ Jillian Michaels

For my "diet for a day" series -- the perfect experiment for a person with a short attention span -- I decided to immerse myself in fitness trainer Jillian Michaels' books and videos.

According to most people in the MBTI community, Michaels is an ESTJ -- which means she is Te (extroverted thinking) dominate with Si (introverted sensing) as an auxiliary function followed by Ne (extroverted intuition) and Fi (introverted feeling). In other words, she shares none of the same primary or conscious cognitive functions as an INFJ.

Why does that matter? I think Michaels' more dominating personality has a positive effect on people with a less focused mindset like myself. I watched her videos while on the elliptical machine -- and found myself naturally picking up the pace and burning more calories because of her ability to motivate and be a little feisty (choleric).

She seems to respect the intellectual side of the equation […]

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