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Diet for a Day: What I Learned from the Blood Type Diet

For my "diet for a day" series (because I get bored easily) I spent 24 hours on the Blood Type Diet. Full disclosure, I have been on this diet in the past -- but I never knew whether I was a "secretor" or a "non-secretor" until I had my DNA tested.

I used to carry around the Blood Type cheat sheets when I went grocery shopping so I could keep track of which foods were "beneficial" for my A negative blood type and which ones were "beneficial" for the O positive blood type people in my family.

Suffice it to say, it was nearly impossible to create a dish that was both A-negative friendly and O-positive friendly -- which meant I had to endure the voice of my Aunt Olga in my mind chastising me for making separate dishes and catering to the little bears.

I bet if Aunt Olga was alive, she'd make me her delicious meatballs in brown cream sauce over mashed potatoes with a tart lingonberry jam.

And, I'd have to say, "Sorry Aunt Olga. I'm on the Blood Type Diet so I can't eat red meat or dairy or potatoes. Lingonberries, according to Dr. Oz, lower blood pressure and are fat-fighting berries but I can't find them on my list.

What's that you say, Aunt Olga? No. Not the Wizard of Oz. That was the movie in which Dorothy falls asleep in a field of poppies, clearly predicting the Opioid Crisis. A crisis that could have been averted had Dorothy landed in a potato field.

From my impression, the people who really love naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo's Blood Type diet are the ones with Type […]

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