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Empathetic Mates & the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ Test

Researchers often use the 'Reading of the Mind in the Eyes' test or (RMET) to measure empathy accuracy in subjects.

Certain versions of the OXTR gene on Chromosome 3 correlate with possible low empathy and a low score on RMET, according to some studies. If you or a dating partner test low on this particular empathy scale, should you be worried?

The answer is, "no" because research remains conflicted. Empathetic partners are highly valued in the dating world -- almost as much as physically attractive partners with sexual magnetism. And, empathy is not something easily measured.

For example, INTJs are often seen as less empathetic types in the MBTI world. However, many INTJs are extremely generous people. Although we tend to be loners, we also like connecting.


Experts believe the oxytocin receptor gene (SNP rs53576) influences social […]

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