16 Personalities: ENFP as Knight of Cups

Who is the ENFP Knight of Cups?

Called the “campaigner” of the 16 personality types, the ENFP makes up 7 percent of the population compared to INFJs who make up only about 1.5 percent.

ENFPs and INFJs often feel misunderstood, although INFJs are more reserved. As intuitive-feelers they get each other’s abstract language.

What’s most interesting about the INFJ-ENFP is that they are perfect mirror images. The two have their cognitive function stack in the same order. Yet, each cognitive function is opposite.

ENFP has extroverted intuition, while INFJ has introverted intuition as the primary function. ENFP has introverted feeling as the co-pilot function while INFJ has extroverted feeling as the co-pilot function.

ENFP has extroverted thinking as the tertiary function, while INFJ has introverted thinking as the tertiary function. For the inferior function, ENFP has introverted sensing while INFJ has extroverted sensing. People tend to access their inferior function when under stress.

In terms of temperament, ENFP is one of the idealists just like the INFJ, ENFJ and ENFP. With one as extroverted and the other as introverted, it’s a perfect yin-yang.

But is an INFJ the most natural match for an ENFP? With the entrance of the INTP Lady of Swords, the Knight of Cups/Campaigner feels his heart skip an extra beat.

The ENFP Knight of Cups playfully accuses the smart INTP Lady of Swords of playing intellectual head games.

Day light, alright, I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s real
Been a long night, and something ain’t right
You won’t show, you won’t show how you feel
No time ever seems right, to talk about the reasons why you and I fight
It’s high time to draw the line, put an end to this game, before it’s too late
Head games, it’s you and me, baby…

One of the most beloved knights out of the 150 Knights of the Round Table, the Knight of Cups, greets the INTP Lady of Swords as the open-air theater continues. He gives her the heads up that even King Arthur himself says the INTP lady is guilty of real love. But, is it true? Is the INTP & ENFP a romantic Holy Gail love union?

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