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Farmer vs. Hunter-Gatherer Genes in a Processed Food World

To maximize weight loss, it's important to crack your personal DNA code. That means understanding what kind of foods better mesh with your particular genes and blood type.

One of the most fundamental genetic weight loss elements is whether or not your body can handle processed or "factory" foods. Finding out if you are a "farmer" or a "hunter-gatherer" body type boils down to the CLTCL1 gene variant also known as M1316V or p.Met1316Val. The gene is located on chromosome 22.

Farmer types have fewer problems metabolizing higher carbohydrate diets and processed foods with sugar while hunter-gatherer types should avoid pastries, processed meals, frozen foods, canned foods and foods with a lot of preservatives.

When examining your raw DNA, search for rs1061325. If you have the T;T alleles listed next to rs1061325, that means you have two copies of the hunter-gatherer CLTCL1 gene variant. For you, the modern "junk food" diet may lead to insulin resistance. […]

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