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Guided Walking Audio: Mars Motivation

Welcome to the Island where I will guide you on a walking meditation. Listen to this recording when you are on a recovery walk, casual stroll or need increased motivation and soul cleansing. Always listen when you are not driving.  If you are ever in danger, your mind will immediately respond to protect your physical body. Check with your doctor about your particular health needs before any new exercise routine or diet. Now, as you listen to the relaxing sound of my voice, you feel hopeful, happy and peaceful. Let’s begin your journey.

Walk through the open ornate double doors of the Tudor Mansion to the familiar cobblestone pathway. With every step toward the island forest, you feel confident, self-assured. Completely and totally relaxed.

The planet Mars is working on your behalf to imbue you with extra energy, remarkable willpower and dedication to your goals. Every day you walk further and further as you go deeper and deeper into your relaxing and engaging meditation.

Exercising and moving now, you thank Mars ahead of time for showing you when to compete, race, lift weights and exert maximum energy and when to keep it simple with regular moderate movement that feels effortless and easy. Comfortable.

As you walk, appreciate the beautiful scenery. Smell relaxing lavender from the mansion gardens. The energizing scent of freshly-cut grass. Up ahead, there is a path into the island forest. You feel good walking in the dappled shade. Notice the details of the leaves on trees. A bee caught in a spider web — untangling and untangling itself until the bee is free again. You feel free because you are free. Everything is vivid. Everything feels alive and magical because it is magical.

You are reaching your goals and achieving more and more. Your body intuitively knows when to push harder and harder and when to rest deep. Your mind rests deep from any worries. Mars is not about worries. Mars is about action and solution. You are deep in the island forest now burning calories and improving your fitness. It’s as if someone else is exercising for you because you are in a state of bliss as you listen to my voice. Feel endorphins flooding your mind and enlivening you. You know the way. Your subconscious mind is releasing negativity and the past when you perspire. Answers always come from within. Intuition is about knowing your soul.

Exercising is interesting and enjoyable. Your mind, spirit and body are connected when you move. Picture the ideal you. The graceful, courteous, considerate and kind you. The fit and healthy you. Friendly, balanced and motivated. Mars propels you with raw energy. Passion. Passion for living.

Your life is valuable. Your life has meaning. Every person is put on the planet for a reason. You are connected to every soul like a web that catches us by surprise and then allows us to go free as an individual — ascending higher and higher up into the beautiful sky. Like a butterfly.

You are more determined than ever to be fit — and receive true love while in progress. It’s easy to maintain an ideal healthy weight as you feel full of real love.  You stick to your goals and the plan that’s right for you.

Mars is the planet that rules desire. Sex. Adventure. When you feel fiery and flirty, use the passion to express yourself and act on desire tamed by intellect. Always respecting your body and the body of your mate. You wear a sixth pentacle of Mars talisman as protection from harm. You feel passion for your soul mate — the one who loves the real you. The one that’s in progress and evolving to be more and more enlightened.

Think about the times you felt angry at another person. What was your anger telling you about yourself? Hostility turns on the aggressors. You choose peace, forgiveness and protection. A higher path. The universe wants reconciliation.

As you exercise, you release negativity. If the universe kept score, you would die. But the universe doesn’t keep score. The universe conspires on your behalf so that you live on and on. Always crossing new bridges. Always finding new paths and news galaxies. The universe is limitless just as your enthusiasm for living is boundless.

Appreciate the view of earth from space. Appreciate the power of Mars and Venus from earth. When your body travels to Mars, your soul appreciates Venus. When your soul travels to Venus, your body appreciates earth. Everything is about balance. You exercise hard. You exercise moderately. You rest when you need to rest. When you sleep,  you sleep deep. Always waking up refreshed, healed and rejuvenated.

Imagine what you want and who you want to be. Hear yourself talking to your soul mate — someone you already know. Consult with the god part of your brain. Everything that is now has always been. Every person that exists in this space has always existed in the universe. Thank the universe for giving you the opportunity to feel passion and deep satisfaction on a physical level.

Feel as though you are running barefoot in the sand as you exit the island forest and come upon a paradise beach.

Your feet sink into the sand. Your subconscious mind goes into overtime drive — solving complex equations and riddles. Inspiring you with genius bursts of profound insights and understanding. The god part of your brain delights your conscious mind. Receive the answers. Feel the changes taking place. You are stronger. You are tapping and accessing the genius within.

You draw to you a soul mate who satisfies, stimulates and soothes you. Your body. Your mind. Your spirit. You draw to you prosperity, wealth and material manifestations of your genius. You reciprocate as you feel relaxed, happy, hopeful and peaceful. You put aside petty jealousies. It’s OK to work hard. It’s OK to reap benefits. It’s OK to be successful. You put aside your ego.  It’s OK to touch outer space. It’s OK to feel your inner space. To hear the wisdom of the one who is, was and always will be.

You feel inspired to take action in your life. You reach the edge of the ocean — reminded of the way the moon and the sun generates tidal forces. Venus also produces tides on earth. Appreciate the solar system for all it does — for lighting your path at night and energizing your way by day.

The sound of the ocean waves calm you as you go about your daily activities. You can return to these recordings any time you want to step into bliss and feel loved and warmed by the light. You are loved. You are love.

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