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Guided Walking Audio: Venus Inspiration

As the vessel for the light, you attract people and beings who operate on a higher frequency.

You remember, though, to tend to your physical requirements. For example, sip refreshing water while on your guided walking meditation. Use whatever tools help you reach your fitness goals such as a step counter app or heart rate monitor as you continue to listen to the relaxing sound of my voice.

Let’s continue our guided walking meditation with “Venus Inspiration” as we tap into the auspicious Venus planet named after the goddess of love and beauty.

While Mars motivates us to push deeper into our goals, Venus inspires us to live the good life — to have money and love for leading a pleasurable and romantic life.

Feel the endorphins increase your pleasure now while walking in your fat-burning or aerobic zone depending on your plan. You pick up the pace, intuitively knowing when to walk faster and faster and when to catch your breath.

Every time you listen to this recording, you notice more and more beautiful aspects of your own life. You think of new ways to make your surroundings more sensual, comfortable and romantic even as your own body becomes a piece of art in its own right.

You have exquisite taste in all fine matters. You are learning to speak new languages. Venus rules over Libra and Taurus.

Venus also rules healthy attachment to people which makes the planet important for soul cleansing for those with insecure attachment issues.

Imagine the goddess of love walking gracefully by your side. She is elegant. A day on Venus lasts longer than one year on Earth because life on Venus is pleasurable — and your spirit loves to linger there. In a state of bliss, harmony and frivolity.

She walks with you on the wet sand — the smell of salt water filling up your senses. The ocean waves spray all around you, making you happy and giddy.

Now, the goddess guides you back through the island forest. During the relaxing walk, she asks you to think back to a time when you felt abandoned, forgotten, neglected. The goddess of love is healing you body and soul. Your spirit feels lighter because Venus carries your burdens. Your life is meaningful. You are a survivor.

Venus brings you luck. Luck in love. Luck in finances. But Venus is also a sensitive planet that knows your emotional needs. Your soul is working out its issues when you walk. You are walking away from the wrong people and walking closer and closer to the right relationships.

In the past, you pushed good people away because you wanted to re-play abandonment scripts. Your mind writes a new script now. A scrip that brings beautiful souls into your sphere. Harmonious situations. Auspicious circumstances. You are luckier and luckier every day in every way.

Picture your soul mate — someone you know or someone you want to know. Your soul recognizes its perfect imperfect mate as you feel whole. When you are with your soul mate, you inspire one another to be the best couple — the best versions of yourself individually and together. Your composite chart forms the rare seal of Solomon — the magical configuration of great significance.

When you are back to the Tudor Mansion, the doors automatically open. You love walking down the halls of your dream mansion.

Imagine living in your dream home with the most comfortable and pleasing layout. Every room energizes you. All of the art and furniture pieces bring you joy. You plant flowers, trees and shrubbery to beautify the earth. While exercising, your mind envisions the most inspiring environment for you to thrive. For your relationships to thrive. For your business and career to thrive.

The goddess of love leads you to the ballroom. She bids you to sit at the piano. You develop your musical abilities. You appreciate musical abilities.

The Butler arrives with healthy delicious appetizers made of only the finest, organic ingredients. Eating nutritious and tasty foods is important to the inspired you.

It’s OK to bask in luxury. It’s OK to have fun. Charming, intelligent, exciting people like spending time with you.

Imagine a masquerade ball in the ballroom. Dozens and dozens of people arrive wearing frivolous and colorful masks. You look deeply into their eyes — the windows to the soul. Your soul attracts good souls. You value genuine people and creativity.

Venus shows you the most compatible people for harmonious relationships. Relationships that take no effort — but evolve naturally and blossom magically into deep and fulfilling bonds. Everyone is an individual with different desires and tastes. Venus knows what you want. What you need. What you have to have.

Imagine now as the masquerade ball attendees dance with one partner and then another — the way your life path intersects with the paths of so many people. You make the decision to have a positive influence on others. You are part of a strong and intricate web — always expanding your influence. Expanding your network. Giving and receiving in a universe of abundance.

From the ballroom, imagine stealing away with your soul mate to the secret gardens outside a hidden door. While walking and exercising, your mind puts together the puzzles in life that mystified you before. Now, life makes sense. Your lover inspires you to be more creative, more successful and more passionate.

When you walk outside, you appreciate the flowers, the grass, the trees.

You attract love and beauty. You are love. You are beauty incarnate. Thank Venus for revealing the loveliness of the universe. For making you lucky. For making soul changes come as gentle breezes that keep you invigorated and enthusiastic about living and loving.

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