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Huel Review: 3 Days on the ‘Apocalypse Diet’

It's been several months since I've tried a new diet because of my fatalistic world view and general sense of apathy.

But with all the talk of world wars, I felt a renewed enthusiasm for my health and appearance. Wouldn't it be great to find the perfect Apocalypse diet with all the ingredients and flavors to make me feel energized and sexy as civilization collapses?

So, when I saw the ad for Huel, I had to try it. I bought their banana protein shakes as well as three "hot and savory" pouches to make what I've come to call "Huel Gruel." Depending how much of the mixture you use for each meal, one pouch could handily last several days. Plus, the pouches are easy to hide within your decorative pillows or seat cushions in case the pillaging by commoners commences. […]

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