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Infidelity Genes: Are You Dating a Born Cheater?

Doctors on the popular television series, "House" speculated that adulterous men have affairs because of their genetics. Now we know that some women carry between one and five specific variants of the AVPR1A gene associated with female infidelity.

You don't need a special DNA testing kit to find out if you or your partner has the "cheating genes" because most raw DNA from genetic testing companies reveal the key information.

Intuitive people often sense when they are with a mate who wanders.

Some personality types (particularly the feeling intuitive types) want to be open, but "openness" as understood by the Big 5 Personality test doesn't translate to open relationships for INFJs and demi-sexual people.

In the TV show, fictional character Dr. Christopher Taub loves his wife, Rachel, but is unfaithful. She tries to give her husband a free pass, but can't handle the thought of her husband with another woman. To what degree is infidelity part of a person's nature? And, is it better to know whether a potential mate has the so-called infidelity genes before marrying?  […]

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