INFJ as the Queen of Cups

INFJ Ginger tries to find her Holy Grail love match in a wicked pack of tarot cards while stranded in a dreamworld.

She isn’t sure if this purgatory is an island paradise or if she is just imagining the shoreline.

INFJs relate to different archetypes of the tarot deck depending on the stage and situation of life. INFJ Ginger plays the High Priestess, the Moon and the Queen of Cups while trying to figure out the ideal love match for the 16 personalities.

The high priestess, a major arcana card, represents subconscious thoughts,  intuition and sacred knowledge. The card is fitting for the one with introverted intuition who relies on introverted thinking yet expresses extroverted feeling as evidence of the divine feminine.

The Queen of Cups is the classic INFJ because of her connection to Venus, the heart chakra and love as the highest purpose for one’s emotions.

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