ISTP Queen of Wands

Who is the ISTP Queen of Wands?

In the world of MBTI, the ISTP is known as the “Virtuoso,” or “Artisan Crafter” who is audacious, bold, unpredictable, mysterious and fearless.

According to the surveys…

In terms of a psycho-sexual type, the ISTP falls into the “caregivers” group along with ESFJs or provider archetype, ISFPs or composer archetype and ESTJs or the executive archetype. Some surveys show the group best matched with INFJs and other childlike psycho-sexual types.

Ginger sees each of her tarot cards coming to life to dance and sing. One of the most popular MBTI types – the ESFJ Knight of Pentacles — invites the ISTP Queen of Wands to his sand castle for a musical.

The Queen of Wands tarot card permits the Knight of Pentacles to play airplane by flying her down the spiral staircase of the sand castle that resembles a medieval French chateau with a moat around the perimeter.

“Why are you so nice to me?” the ISTP Queen of Wands whispers, as the Knight of Pentacles moves a chair so she may sit at the rectangular table of the ornate dining room with beamed ceilings. — From “8 MBTI Holy Grail Love Matches.”

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