Member Zero: The Fool

A non-voting member of the Bloc, The Butler from the Tudor Mansion’s call sign is “The Fool.”

Like his code name, the Butler is innocent and unjaded. He attends to practical needs so others may pursue spontaneous opportunities in love and finance.

While he participates in Bloc meetings, the Butler is not a voting member. Represented as zero of the tarot deck’s Arcana, the Fool card serves an important purpose in the deck.

In the Tudor Mansion, the Butler has special powers connected to artificial intelligence. See article, “How Does an INFJ Feel About AI?”

The Arcana is a global network that follows the esoteric principles of the B.L.O.C. (base life on clues) Method. Twenty-two members make up the Bloc that rules INFJ island. Members of the Bloc attend meetings in the Tudor Mansion to resolve matters of great consequence.

Everybody plays the fool, sometime
There’s no exception to the rule
Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel
I want to tell ya that
Everybody plays the fool —  The Main Ingredient, ‘Everybody Plays the Fool’




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