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My DNA Personality Trait Results: I Wasn’t Born an Intuitive

A lot of DNA testing sites offer insights into your personality. How accurate are the results? What's the scientific reliability of the findings?

To find out, I provided my raw DNA to a company that essentially guessed whether I am more likely to test high or low on the dimensions of personality: conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, extroversion and neuroticism.  They compared my genetic variants to genome-wide association studies.

In other words, these studies looked for specific genetic variations associated with conscientiousness and other genetic variations tied to agreeableness and so on. Their test subjects took the Big Five Personality Test.

Since some experts speculate our personalities are ever shifting, I re-took the Big Five Personality Test. Like most INFJs, I scored high on intellect/imagination -- which is also known as openness. High openness could correlate with intuition in the Myers Briggs system.

I also scored high on […]

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