Ms. Scarlet’s Diet: Roast Beef & Mashed ‘Potatiflowers’ Recipe

Most of the time, I add carrots and celery to my crock pot roast beef mainly because I want to use up the carrots that are always sitting on the kitchen island inside the Tudor Mansion. This recipe — that uses green beans picked from a garden — was a delicious twist that I highly recommend for healthy eating.


One grass-fed roast beef (roast chuck or a leaner cut as desired)

1 can of organic French onion soup

1 small can of organic peeled tomatoes

1 cup of fresh green beans

Season as desired with salt, pepper and herbs

Prepare mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower on the side for low-carb alternative. To reduce carbs and calories, I use half mashed potatoes with half mashed cauliflower to make ‘mashed potatiflowers.’


Remove any wrapping from the roast beef. Set in crock pot. Pour French onion soup and tomatoes on top. Cook on high for several hours. Add green beans to crock pot about an hour before meal time. Roast beef should be tender and fall apart with fork. Green beans should be the consistency you like.

Trim the green beans and then snap them in half.

Extract a cup of juice from the crock pot. Boil on stove. Add 1 or 2 tsp. gravy flavoring liquid. Mix together flour and water in a separate bowl.  Wisk in the flour water until thickened to the right consistency. Skip the gravy if you are on a low-fat diet or try a trick. Refrigerate the gravy until the fat rises to the top. Skim off the fat. Then heat up the low-fat gravy.

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