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My True Ancestry: Finding Out my DNA Matches a Modern Hollander

When your heart's in someone else's hands
Monkey see and monkey do
Their wish is your command
You're not to blame
Everyone's the same...

I'm a modern Dutch girl living in a big, bad American society. That was my takeaway from using mytrueancestry.com. Well, maybe there was a little more to it. But my favorite feature is the "modern populations" tab that measures your genetic distance to a given modern population.

If you found yourself in an alien space ship and the aliens returned you to a place on earth with people who had DNA most similar to your own, where would you land if not in the country where they abducted you?

According to the DNA interpretation site, my No. 1 match is "South Dutch" with a score of 5. Five means I am close to that particular population compared to 10 which means I could fit the population or a score of 15 which is a related population or less tight connection.

I compared the MyTrueAncestry results with my family tree on ancestry.com. From my understanding, a lot of French Huguenot immigrants in America intermarried with English as did the Dutch settlers.

Based on personality type surveys of people from various countries, people from the Netherlands are slightly more extraverted, much more intuitive and feeling; more prospecting than judging and more turbulent (neurotic). Turbulent INFJs ranked fourth (out of the 16 personality types) after Turbulent INFPs and both Turbulent and Assertive (less neurotic) ENFPs.

Finding out that I'm a close genetic match to people in a country I barely knew existed will take some adjusting. […]

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