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Neptune’s Aura: Guided Walking Audio

Remember to drink fresh clean water as you continue to walk in a state of high energy and bliss. Rest when you need to. Just as you cleanse your physical body, it's important to cleanse your soul to bring a brighter, more vivid hue to your aura.  When you listen to the sound of my voice, you feel relaxed and in the flow. You notice the glowing aura of life around you. Others see your positive energy.

Your walking guided meditation continues with the lessons of Neptune, the planet of mist. Every day you stay active and move to naturally burn calories. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is about new healthy habits and letting go of negative illusions that don't serve your higher purpose or goals. Let go of illusions of controlling others. Let go of the illusions that you'll be happier after you achieve a certain goal. Happiness is here now. Wealth is here now. Love and fulfilment is already yours.

Use your creativity and imagination for success. Tap into the creative energy inside your mind as I show you parts of your brain that you are only now accessing.

Imagine Ms. Peacock dressed in a flowing […]

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