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Fiction: November’s Beaver Moon — Don’t Look Back

INFJ Gwenllian as the Lady of the Island rests during an afternoon walk, leaning against a mile marker post that reads 102.

It’s the start of November – which means the beavers are busily preparing for winter. And mortals release their heavy burdens before taking shelter for the winter.

Gwenllian continues her walk, contemplating all the many names of the November full moon -- Beaver, Frosty, Oak, Reed and Mourning. She is partial to the Mourning Moon since it’s the last full moon before the winter solstice. And, Gwenllian mourns the loss of a sense of direction.

She also likes the “Reed” moon because she hears a soulful message when the ghoulish wind stirs the reeds on the island.

Between mile marker 102 and 103, a piper plays a wind instrument made of reeds as if to conjure her into being before the moon’s peak illumination still several weeks away.

Gwenllian knows the piper’s name is Esmerelda, which means Emerald. Emerald, the stone of intuition, is a gift from the ancient god of wisdom.

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