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Power Walking Audio: Luck & the Lion’s Gate Portal

Welcome to the island for today's walking meditation drawing the auspicious energy of the Sirius star. Today we are going to enter through the Lion's Gate Portal to boost our luck and star power energy.

Listen to this walking meditation while going on a power walk or hike but never while driving. As you listen to the sound of my voice, you feel relaxed yet energetic with renewed enthusiasm for meeting your fitness and health goals.

Imagine yourself inside the Tudor mansion, a familiar space designed to delight your senses and bring you a sense of peace and order. You drew the architectural plans for the mansion. You chose the textiles, paint colors and flooring. Every detail gives you insights into your subconscious mind -- what you want. Where you have been and where you are going.

See yourself getting dressed for your walk wearing new clothes that represent your reinvention. Your personal butler hands you a chilled bottle of clean water and a magical compass that helps you find the Lion's Gate Portal. Today you benefit from the lucky alignment between the Sun and the bright blue star Sirius. […]

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