The King of Wand’s Mechanical Animal: ESTP & INFJ Love Motions

Maybe I don’t wanna know the reason why
But lately you don’t talk to me
Darling I can’t see me in your eyes

I hold you near but you’re so far away — ‘Our Love,’ Bee Gees

“I’m not talking to you,” Lady Gwenllian, as the Queen of Wands, informs the King of Wands — as a courtesy.

“How is that going for you?” he asks.

“It’s going great. And to clarify, I’m not talking to you for 1,000 years,” she says.

“That sounds radical,” he says.

“Yes. So, it might be awkward if you were to serenade me with that Bee Gees song — even though I like the song,” she says.

And it’s losing you I can’t believe
To watch you leave and let this feeling die

You alone are the living thing that keeps me alive
And tomorrow if I’m here without your love (tomorrow)
You know I can’t survive…

“Whatever,” she says.

(Only my love)
Only my love can raise you high above it all

Don’t throw it all away, our love, our love
Don’t throw it all away, our love…

“Whatever,” she reiterates.

We can take the darkness and make if full of light
But let your love flow back to me
How can you leave and let this feeling die…

“OK Fine. It’s impossible to resist the meaning of those lines. And, it would kill me to turn your happy room into a lonely place,” she concludes.

The king of wands is relieved because he did not want to cry on her shoulder or beg. And that is what a man does when he is immersed in a Bee Gees song with a woman whose love is awkwardly true.

“So what’s the plan?” he asks.

She sighs.

“I think I need to spend time as the Queen of Pentacles. And you can be the King of Pentacles. It might be interesting because money is a peculiar thing.”

“What about the past?” he asks.

“It’s just not worth addressing. Your impressions are so convoluted, that it’s futile to even talk about any of it. Sometimes I think you need 1,000 years to sort through all of your ridiculousness.”
“You were ridiculous. Defend your position,” he commands.

“My position is that there is a context for everything. And, besides, look in the mirror. You’ve said unforgivable things — and yet, I forgive you.”

“Then what…

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