The Knight of a Thousand Moons & His Lady on the 8th Floor

Chapter 1: When Loves Calls & Reasons Depart

I wasn’t there when you were happy(I wasn’t there to make you happy)And I wasn’t there when you were down, downDidn’t mean to miss your birthday, babyI wish I’d seen you blow those candles out – ‘I’ll Be There for You,’ Bon Jovi

Lady Gwenllian closes her eyes to seal the kiss as her Knight of a Thousand Moons lingers in the eternity of their otherworld transport. His fingers pulling her hair and his teeth leaving bite marks in a geometrically-pleasing pattern down her neck.

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“I didn’t forget your birthday,” she tells the Count of Cups who is her Knight of a Thousand Moons. “I’m keeping your present under wraps.”

She conjures up Marie Antoinette and Count Axel from Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-Nine, a common year that started on Tuesday of the Julian calendar.

As they stroll the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, the Knight is madly obsessed with knowing her present for him. She won’t tell. And, it’s nothing he could ever see. But she is quite sure he will one day recognize the gift.

“Not to make the question linger though I know you adore the mystery; still, I will say it’s what you want more than anything,” the once Austrian princess tells her beloved General of Horse from Sweden.

I’ll play the Queen and you play the Count. You can sharpen the guillotine. And I’ll play dress-up and cut the cake when we run out of bread.

Just as the Queen and Count exit to the Palace Gardens, the Lady observes Marilyn Monroe in the mirrors. She follows herself. Then opens a door to the Mayflower Hotel where a phone rings on her 8th floor. Electricity crackles like a veil surrounding a canopy bed in the middle of the room.

“The eighth-floor doesn’t exist,” the knight tells her. “I bought the eighth-floor of every hotel in the world. Well, every hotel that was built in a vertical position with many stories. I know how you love your astral travel.”

Lady Gwenllian hasn’t travelled in such a manner in 7 years.

“This gift – should I be afraid?” the knight asks.

“Oh. God no,” the Lady answers. “You are so morbid.”

After she answers the question, the Lady feels sad. She discreetly spies at her crypto notes hidden in the luggage. Nothing written on the cards reveals anything new that she didn’t already know from the spirits of angels.

The spirits of angels know so much – and yet, they know so little about some matters of great consequence to the lady.

Chapter 2: Rewind: Spirit of Winter Angel on the Polar Silk Road

Why’d you tell me this
Were you looking for my reaction — Carly Simon, ‘You Belong to Me’

Lady Gwenllian quickly transforms from the Spirit of the Flame to the Spirit of Winter angel because the Count of Cups turns her cold.

She paints her lips blue to match her long hair that appears now as blue flames rather than red flames to light her way on the Polar Silk Road.

She much prefers sapphires over rubies. Plus, the Spirit of Winter angel has a holographic Snowy Owl as well as a bunny that reminds her it is the Year of the Rabbit — such an important fact.

Here’s another fact. You belong to me.

“You truly are a piece of work,” the lady queen says to the count, protecting the bunny on her lap while he admires the white satin gown that blends into a blanket of snow. “Even so, I see that I should not toy with your human circumstances.” She takes responsibility for her territorial sentiments before then blaming him for projecting not to mention punishing her for his cognitive dissonance that, again, stems from his Madonna-Whore Complex.

“You seemed perfectly fine ruffling my goddess dress,” she adds. “When I was in finishing school, my Finnish instructor told me to never eat Turkish Delights in front of a man lest he fear me a temptress knowledgeable and skilled in the carnal arts.”

“Your Finish finishing school instructor sounds delightful,” the Count of Cups says. “I’d like to meet such a fine and sensible woman that could succeed where my drilling sense into you failed.”

“I never finished finishing school,” the lady confesses, much to the count’s shock and awe. “Now that you bring it up, it dawns on me that I never went to finishing school.”

“Say it ain’t so. My love is a heartbreaker. This regime is a lifetaker.” He joins her in the sadness of it all. How fiction is so fictional.

On the upside, the Count of Cups pleases the goddess in the séance room by singing to her.

Only in dreams could it be this way. — ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You,’ Foreigner

Music aside, she says a self-prayer that the minor snowfalls don’t twist into an avalanche of unfathomable proportions.

Unfortunately, they hear the banging on the drums day after day leading up to the Snow Moon. In the afterglow, the Spirit of Winter angel will call for silence in the trees.

“And the Emperor who wears no clothes will don 1,300 year-old fabrics found in a massive garbage pit in Arava Valley,” says the prodigal professor, who is now an expert on archeology and the many variations of the silk road…

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