The Knight of the 11th House: ESTP & INFJ Magic

Gwen worked in a cubicle every day, writing fluff pieces for a magazine.

“Why can’t I write a serious piece?” she asked the editors. But it was a pointless question because everyone knew the magazine business was obsolete.

So it came to pass that new condo owners replaced the magazine writers’ work spaces because the magazine buyers were more interested in the building than the content. And that suited Gwen who felt burned out like everyone else in the high-rise building with views of the elevators and pigeons.

From the window of her 800 square-foot apartment, Gwen daydreams while staring at a pink mimosa tree. She starts blogging about the mystical life of INFJ Gwenllian LeStrange-Tudor. But nothing she writes makes any real sense until she introduces a new main character, the knight of the 11th house of astrology. He is an ESTP personality type with an exceptionally prophetic astrological chart.

She operates in a symbolic world while he exists primarily in a place of concrete. ESTP and INFJ magic is an ancient alchemic formula for pursuing destiny. While the ESTP is well versed in politics, history, culture and sports, an INFJ type expresses intuitive and psychic glimpses through art/storytelling and symbols.

Through her writing, the knight understands his astrological destiny even though neither of them “believe” in astrology. It’s complicated.

Chapter 1: Sister Golden Hair Surprise Meeting in the Air

Sister Golden Hair Gwenllian LeStrange-Tudor of the 12th house of hidden gifts speaks in super slow motion so the newly-initiated monk comprehends. More importantly, she wants him to respect the ways of what she calls the sacred monastery system.

Determined to get her point across by using only one bad word, the sleep-deprived sister of the highest order calls a surprise tutorial meeting. It takes place in the air precisely 12 hours after the big meeting that — despite the obsessive desire to wing it — required some quick reading and a couple of non-alcoholic whiskey sours.

She chooses 12 hours because there are 12 months in a year, 12 astrological houses and 12 eggs in her refrigerator. Who knows how the world’s destiny would have changed if she made even just one fried egg the night prior.

“You need to get it together,” she tells him — her words coming in waves. Slow. Measured. And, deliberate. She knows that her words are a projection of her perfectionism and how she feels about herself.

His head spinning, the monk of the 11th house on the island ruled by Aquarius, can’t quite open his eyes as the lyrics say.

“You should feel a particularly pleasant and healing energy radiating around your personal space,” she walks him through the meeting protocols. “You can talk in your mind as much as you want but, and this is the important part, if you aren’t within the energy vortex, I won’t be able to hear anything you are saying.”

Sister Golden Hair invites the monk to have a snack in the castle kitchen after the too-early meeting. He is particularly fascinated by the beautiful dips, layers and layers high of cakes and icy cocktails — all made of plastic.

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