Welcome to the Island: Discovering Inner Order

Welcome to INFJ Island where Gwenllian LeStrange-Tudor of the 12th house on the island relies on half magic, ancestral memories and a half-ass Butler to navigate the puzzling world of mortals.

Lady Gwenllian’s monastery and ancient castle represents the 12th house in astrology ruled by Pisces and Neptune. She often visits the 11 other astrological houses of the zodiac on the island.

Gwenllian Le-Strange-Tudor tends to the feng shui gardens near the castle ruins on the island.
What is MBTI?

Inspired by Carl Jung, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system assigns every personality type four main cognitive functions as well as four shadow cognitive functions.

INFJS are thinking feelers who base their decisions on both objective facts and the welfare of other people. They are the conscientious doers and the artistic dreamers.

  • Ni (introverted intuition) is the main or dominant function for INFJs. INFJs focus on their inner world or ideas, often oblivious to the physical world. The high priestess and magician cards of the tarot deck best embody Ni.

The prodigal professor, an INTJ, can read Lady LeStrange-Tudor’s mind because he also has introverted intuition as a lead function. They spend the most time together in his study or the castle’s library. The Magician and the High Priestess tarot cards symbolize introverted intuition within the castle.

  • Fe (extraverted feeling) is the secondary function for an INFJ.  Extraverted feelers are empathetic helpers. Some of the visitors that bestow good Fe energy include the Empress, the Strength card and The Sun.
  • Ti (introverted thinking) is the tertiary or third function.  Visitors such as the Druid or Hermit tarot card stand for introverted thinking. Introverts such as the INTPs help INFJs with logic and reason when they are going off the rails on the crazy train.
  • Se (extroverted sensing) as an inferior function: Her very outdated robot Butler is at her beckon call, but occasionally acts reckless because he is tired of his inferior role. Her Butler man-machine is the representation of Se or extroverted sensing in the inferior position. From the tarot deck, he is the Fool card.

In addition to MBTI, visitors to the island study genomics science and metaphysics as well as perform psychoanalysis and psychically release cosmic positivity and universe love.

Some visitors to the Le-Strange Tudor Castle represent the INFJ’s shadow cognitive functions. The island’s magical harpist banishes lower-energy negative patterns and recalibrates the world with love by playing songs from the 1950s through today.

Tarot cards with shadow meaning include Judgement, the Tower, the Devil and Death.

What are the 12 Houses?

The 12 houses of the zodiac represent aspects of ourselves and our interaction in society.

The houses on the island are arranged in the shape of a zodiac wheel beginning with the first house of the individual and then moving counter-clockwise. Here is a quick overview:

  • The First House of Aries and Mars: House of identity and self.
  • The Second House of Taurus and Venus: House of money, stability and resourcefulness.
  • The Third House of Gemini and Mercury: House of education, short travels and extended family.
  • The Fourth House of Cancer and the Moon: House of family and ancestry.
  • The Fifth House of Leo and the Sun: House of creativity, love affairs and play.
  • The Sixth House of Virgo and Mercury. House of health, diet, work.
  • The Seventh House of Libra and Venus. House of marriage, business and important friendships.
  • The Eighth House of Scorpio and Pluto: House of sex, rebirth, other people’s money, reproduction and regeneration.
  • The Ninth House of Sagittarius and Jupiter:  House of philosophy, global travel, higher learning, religion, morality, ethics.
  • The Tenth House of Capricorn and Saturn: House of status, achievements, honors, fame, public reputation and authority.
  • The Eleventh House of Aquarius and Uranus: House of teams, networks, future possibilities and large groups of people.
  • The Twelfth House of Pisces and Neptune: House of the subconscious, imagination, death, creative arts, dreaming, afterlife, mysticism and hidden areas.

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