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Introverts Dating the ‘Naughty’ & Novelty-Seeking Genes

Some introverts admit they like to date the naughty ones.

Adventurous and thrill-seeking people have gene variations associated with strong novelty-seeking behavior. They are the opposites of more reserved and subdued personalities.

Personality traits often come down to the modulation of brain chemicals. Unfortunately, with the novelty-seeking trait, it could mean addictive behavior and substance abuse problems which puts a strain on relationships.

Experts say most people grow out of the novelty seeking behavior as their brains mature. So, if you dated a man who was a crazy-ass dude in his 20s, he might mature into a conventional and cautious gentleman in his 40s.

When dating a person with high novelty personality traits, watch out for the quick loss of temper. On the other hand, the man might take you to extravagant restaurants or buy extravagant gifts before returning to his messy penthouse suite at the hotel next to the gambling casino. You can try to figure out how to put on the French maid costume and then tidy up so it's less work for the hotel staff because you are considerate like that.

Why would introverts date a naughty, naughty? Here, opposites attract since people with high novelty traits are almost always extroverts.

Low novelty seeking traits are telltale INFJ personality genes, but are also found with INTJs and […]

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