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Diet and Genes: Are You a Fat, Carb or Protein Seeker?

Don't be afraid of fats. Don't be afraid of carbs. Don't be afraid of protein. Depending on the diet trend, "experts" have made logical arguments for any combination of macronutrients.

The truth is each individual has specific nutritional needs based on their own genetic bias. Intuitive/personalized diets cater to an individual whether a fat, carb or protein seeker.

My genome report tells me I am a high carbohydrate (plant) seeker, an intermediate protein seeker and low fat seeker. But before I celebrate with a slice of low-fat cake without buttercream frosting, the Little Debbie Downer facts remain. I don't have the "farmer" genes that make it easier for me to digest processed foods. And, I have a gluten intolerance.

For me, a higher carbohydrate diet means more vegetables and sprouted grains. Even more ideal, I'd want to consume the kind of carbohydrates a hunter-and-gatherer would have eaten right off the vine or out of the ground. Good excuse to dump the leftovers. Gag me with a wooden spoon.

For another person, a higher carb diet could mean easily digesting and benefiting from pasta.

What are some of the genes associated with fat, carb or protein seeking? Regardless of our most favorable macronutrients, weight loss still comes down to calories in […]

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