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Diet for a Day: The Paleo Diet

I've officially lost 15 of the 20 pounds I gained during the un-year of lock-downs that gave us the masks without the frivolous masquerade balls way up in the West Hills.

I accomplished the weight loss by trying different diets for just one day -- which proves the point that any diet will work as long as you use common sense (exercise and stay within a calorie-deficit range).

A typical Paleo diet includes vegetables, a small serving of tubers such as sweet potatoes and meat but no wheat or dairy.

Yesterday's diet was the Paleo diet, which was far easier for me since I already followed the Blood Type Diet as an A negative blood type. The diet that works best for me is the cavewoman diet if the cavewoman was a semi-vegetarian -- or more of a gatherer and less of a hunter.

Yeah I guess I'm doing okay
I moved in with the strangest guy
Can you believe he actually
Thinks that I am really alive?

If you have your DNA tested, many sites will fill you in on what percentage of "Neanderthal" genes you have. Neanderthals lived during the Paleolithic era -- which was a long time ago.  Coming from a female who can entertain herself for hours by […]

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