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Genetic Basis for Body Fat Percentage: Avoid Rebound Weight

One of the best ways to avoid rebound weight is to monitor your body fat percentage.

Intuitive people don't just "go with the flow" hoping their exercise routines and eating habits result in a leaner body. They use technology and science to cheat the demon of obesity.

If you are like a lot of people, the demon of obesity snuck into bed with you during lock-downs possibly undoing all of the years of hard work to get fit. No matter where you start, it's possible to lose weight and fat in the ideal manner so your sexy self rebounds -- and the obesity monster disappears for good.

To keep your body fat in check, start by assessing your genetic predisposition for a higher or lower body fat percentage. When you get hold of your raw DNA, look for the following genetic markers. The information is based on reliable research studies that studied Europeans, Americans, African-Americans, South and East Asians.

Depending on your genetic tendencies, you may or may not have to work harder to incorporate exercise. For the rapid weight loss combined with fat loss, devote several hours a week to weight training and high intensity workouts and then many hours to low-intensity casual exercise such as walking.

The easiest way to check your raw DNA is to access your or 23andme results. Then use the search bar to look for specific SNP IDs and the accompanying alleles. You inherit one allele from each parent.

Located on Chromosome 2, the SNP ID is […]

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