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Guided Walking Audio: Jupiter’s Luck

While walking and listening to the relaxing sound of my voice, you meditate on success. You experience now how Mars motivates and helps you take action; Venus inspires you and brings romance. Neptune wants you to distinguish between reality and dreams -- always lending her creative energies for spiritual growth and psychic awareness.

Jupiter is a friend of Mars even though they are quite different. Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, brings good fortune, prosperity and luck. As you continue your walking meditation, focus on Jupiter because he is all about your luck. Luck in love. Luck with finances. And, luck with achieving your health and fitness goals.

Meditating on Jupiter puts you in an optimistic mood. You are bright and sunny accomplishing all of your fitness goals. You are optimistic about love. When you put out your active Mars energy, your soul mate's Venus energy responds.

I want you to picture Colonel Mustard waiting on the other side of the red double doors when you knock. Jupiter's colors include yellow and yellow-orange.

Colonel Mustard bids you to follow him through the hall, down the mansion corridors to the Billiard Room where you engage with Mr. Green. Green is the color of the planet

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