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How Does an INFJ Feel About Artificial Intelligence?

The question today is, “How Does an INFJ Feel About AI?”

Some people are surprised to hear an INFJ is big on AI because the INTJ is the personality type that dominates the tech field. INFJs are also into AI but for totally different reasons.

INFJs want an idealistic, Utopian society – and artificial intelligence is going to make that happen. My personal idea of a Utopian society is one in which I live on an island away from annoying people most of the time. And, occasionally I visit a nearby mansion where an alien robot man slut and his entourage of plastic robot clones let me in on their meetings for total world domination.

I’m a Barbie Girl. In a Barbie world. Life is so fantastic, when you are made of plastic.

I think the alien robot man sluts of the future will maintain bio-diverse islands much like Native American reservations of today where non-genetically modified humans continue to exist in a primitive and natural state but with all the perks of AI.

That being said, I can see different sides to the arguments for and against techno-progressivism vs. bioconservativism.

From an idealistic point of view, we will have more time to devote to saving the bees and butterflies. And if that fails, we can invent artificial bees that do the pollinating for us.

AI is going to allow us to experience a new age of enlightenment. People will be freed up to go out and change the universe. People won’t be constrained by menial jobs.


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