INTJ as the Lord of Swords

Who is the INTJ Lord of Swords?

She knew him as Professor Plum in a former life. INFJ Ginger meets the Queen of Swords and the Lord of Swords after her half magic powers sends her spiraling out of the sky on her broom stick. Fortunately, she lands on a sand dune.

She asks the INTJ Queen of Swords to interpret her dream within a dream.

To learn more about INTJs, please listen to the short read narrated by Mark UrsoINFJ & INTJ: Dating Professor Plum.

INTJs and INFJs both have introverted intuition (Ni) as the strongest influence on their personalities. INTJs and INFJs are the rarest of all the personality types. They both easily recognize patterns. They are both private people who like a lot of alone time. But INTJs fare much better as loners.

Who is the perfect match for an INTJ if not an INFJ who shares introverted intuition as a lead cognitive function?

In the 8 Holy Grail Love Matches, INFJ Ginger explores the possibility that the Holy Grail match for an INTJ is the INFP or Princess of Cups.


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