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MBTI Game of Clue: 7-Part Original Fictional Series

Part One: Bagua Map to Love

Our INFJ girl has barely tapped the gold dragon door knocker to the Tudor Mansion when the butler swings open the door and ushers her inside.

“You must be here for the Feng Shui tour of the mansion,” he says. “Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. White will be delighted you arrived in time for tea.”

With her peripheral vision, our INFJ girl notices Professor Plum abruptly toss Miss Scarlet off of his lap so he may greet this bewitching newcomer to the mansion.

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Mr. Green takes our INFJ girl seductively by the arm as Colonel Mustard fetches her a pomegranate cocktail he calls his special mid-morning aphrodisiac.

When the good Sir Tudor designed the mansion many years ago, a Feng Shui consultant advised him how to use the ancient Chinese practice to attract love.

“Where is the highly-esteemed Sir Tudor?” our INFJ girl asks Mr. Green. “Was he able to find love?”

Mr. Green adjusts his tie before explaining how Sir Tudor is away on business this year – which means the bachelor will miss his annual open house today as well as the ball next weekend.

“Everyone who comes to the Tudor Mansion must fall head-over-heels in love!” Miss Scarlet exclaims. An ESFP, Miss Scarlet giggles and twirls her red scarf in the air to entertain her admirers. “They simply must have a crush or die!”

Professor Plum tells Miss Scarlet to hush because it’s time for the Feng Shui tour. Later, Miss Scarlet will have the chance to dance with kings and kill with a candlestick, dagger or another weapon of choice.

Our INFJ girl takes a whirlwind tour of the Tudor Mansion to get an idea of the MBTI Bagua map layout.

Since Sir Tudor has an affinity for the work of Carl Jung, he wanted to compare the 8 areas of the Bagua map with the 8 cognitive functions… Thank you for reading a sample of INFJ Crush.

Part Two: Who Killed INFJ Girl?

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Part Three: INFJ Door Slam

Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard and Mrs. White. I will need you all to report to the cellar of the Tudor Mansion.

You see. Our INFJ girl – the one you thought was dead — has awakened from her slumber.

Mr. Green, my kind sir, fetch her some amaretto and orange juice from the bar. Colonel Mustard, please help our INFJ girl off the ballroom floor and carry her to the library. Careful now.

For it’s time to get to the bottom of the infamous INFJ door slam. Everyone quiet. I think she is back with us now.

Where did she go? We wondered why she was gone. We heard the doors slam to the billiard room, the conservatory, dining room, study, lounge, kitchen and hall. I haven’t a clue why. Let’s ask her..

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Part Four: INFJ Stare

Sitting behind the wheel of his black Chevy Camaro, the King of Cups pulls into the circular drive of the Tudor Mansion. Our ESFJ man swiftly gets out of his car, walks down the hall, past the study and into the library where our Game of Clue is already underway.

But no one died last night, did they? No. Our INFJ girl stared deeply into the King of Cup’s blue eyes with her unnerving INFJ stare. Is the INFJ stare what drove the man away?

The King of Cups danced with her in the ballroom, kissed her three times but then disappeared into the night, leaving our INFJ girl unconscious on the floor.

As our King of Cups walks into the library of the Tudor Mansion, it causes quite a commotion with our game pieces. Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock quickly re-apply lipstick and adjust their bodices to show maximum cleavage.

Mr. Green offers the King a cigar while Colonel Mustard shakes his hand, smiling broadly in anticipation of the day’s shenanigans.

Professor Plum delivers his keen INTJ “death stare,” observing the King of Cups like an animal defending his territory.

“What is he doing here?” Professor Plum demands.

Settle down everyone. I invited the King of Cups. We have the pleasure of the good chap’s company today so we can unravel the mystery of the INFJ stare.

Our INFJ girl looks straight through the King of Cups with eyes of ice.

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Part Five: INFJ Solitude

Our INFJ girl rebuffs all the usual suspects including Mrs. White, Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock who each try to give her a hug.

Please don’t touch me.

It’s been a busy morning in the Tudor Mansion as we gather to play a game of Clue with living, breathing game pieces.

I think it’s safe to say our INFJ girl has a bit of a crush on our ESFJ man – the King of Cups who arrived in his black Chevy Camaro to give us clues into this girl with very strange ways.

Now our INFJ girl feels a bit suffocated. She seeks solitude by heading for the Tudor Mansion’s lounge alone. Miss Scarlet observes Professor Plum’s strategic exit from the library as the butler announces the noontime meal. While everyone walks forward to head to the dining room, Professor Plum turns right to go to the Conservatory.

Miss Scarlet lingers at the back of the crowd so she can follow Professor Plum. By the time she reaches the Conservatory, Miss Scarlet’s heart is beating wildly because she plans to throw herself into the professor’s arms. Unbeknownst to her, the good professor has disappeared to the lounge via a secret passageway.

Professor Plum, our INTJ man, enters the lounge to find our INFJ girl curled up in a ball on a burgundy tufted velvet sofa. He lays his gray sweater on top of her. Perhaps the good professor will help us understand an INFJ’s need for alone time…

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Part Six: INFJ Demisexuality

Once she opens the front door to exit the Tudor Mansion in this game of Clue, our INFJ girl welcomes the chill in the air. She hurries past the dining room windows, free now from the stuffy mansion and all the pretentious people inside.

Our INFJ girl is in love with the King of Cups – to be sure. Yet, how do we know with 100 percent certainty that our INFJ girl is actually in love and not just in love with the concept of love?

How can we reason the INFJ crush other than to examine the INFJ’s impenetrable sexuality?

Demisexual people don’t feel sexually attracted without an emotional connection. For an INFJ, love and sex is more than emotions. It’s an existential pursuit.

INFJs lock-in their attention on the object of their attraction rarely letting go of the idea but easily letting go of the man unless he loves her back.

Inside the Tudor Mansion, Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet flirt with the King of Cups as Colonel Mustard engages the group with his conspiracy theories. Mrs. White, wearing a black evening gown for the noontime meal, grasps her pearl necklace as she gives Professor Plum her sexiest come hither look…

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Part Seven: INFJ Mask

Our INFJ girl spends hours primping for a rare social engagement. She applies red lipstick, spays perfume on her neck and reaches for a curling iron.

It’s been one year since the King of Cups kissed her three times in the ballroom of the Tudor Mansion. But tonight, the game of Clue concludes with the long-awaited masquerade ball in the conservatory.

Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard gather in the hall of the Tudor Mansion to retrieve their chosen masks from the butler.

Our INFJ girl doesn’t need to wear a physical mask because she’s already wearing the INFJ mask. When it comes to the INFJ crush, it’s nearly impossible for observers to detect how an INFJ feels about other people including the man of her dreams.

Miss Scarlet rushes to the front door when she hears the King of Cup’s black Chevy Camaro pulling up to the circular drive…

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