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Dream Interpretation of a Never-Married INTJ

My never-married INTJ guy friend wanted me to interpret a dream he had that left him mystified.

He dreamt about a married friend that he perceives as being with an overbearing and controlling wife who sucked the life out of him and forced him to live an empty shell of a life as a bureaucrat.

In the dream, my friend was at their home to fix the plumbing and maintain the pool. He then turned into a viper snake that shriveled up and died.

From a Freudian perspective, the meaning of the dream seemed pretty apparent even though my friend completely missed all the sexual images -- plumbing, pool boy and snake as a phallic symbol. He thought the dream was about his latest business venture.

What really shed light on the dream was when my INTJ friend confessed he had been talking with another platonic lady friend. This lady friend has been pushing him to find someone to marry.

This piece of data confirmed my suspicion. My friend's subconscious mind was reminding him that marriage is not for him. And, maybe his mind is right.

Some personality types are geared for marriage and some types take longer […]

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