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Planting a Moon Garden for Moon Magic

Following esthetic principles of Feng Shui, ISFJ Ms. Peacock planted a moon garden off a secret entryway to the conservatory for midnight trysts. The warm breezes carry the fragrance of the moon garden flowers into the nearby conservatory often used for social get-togethers.

A moon garden is a flower garden intended for strolls by the light of the moon. She chose some plants that open at night including ones with a sweet fragrance that pairs well with champagne and romance.

To plant your own moon garden, focus on white colored blooms since light blooms stand out in the darkness. Also, silvers and blues work well for a moon garden.

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Depending on your planting zone, your local plant nursery should have a mix of annuals and perennials best suited for your climate.  Some ideas for plants to grow include white petunia, night-blooming jasmine, mock orange, moonflower (with a lemony aroma), Brugmansia and Sweet Autumn clematis.

Some of the plants in Ms. Peacock’s secret moon garden include Adam’s needle with white bell shaped flowers; False Rosemary, an aromatic small shrub with pale purple flowers.

Moonflowers, an annual morning glory that climbs more than 10 feet, is one of the breathtaking features of the garden. Closed during the day, the large blooms open in the evening. The moonflowers grow on a tall wrought-iron fence along the winding pathway.

The moon garden also features Virginia willow, a deciduous shrub that reaches about 6 feet with small white flowers; Cutleaf Evening Primrose, a biennial wildflower with yellow blooms and night blooming wild petunia, a perennial wildflower.

Feng Shui is a Chinese design philosophy that understands how wind and water is essential for all source of live — bringing positive or good Chi energy into our sphere.

Intuition plays a primary role in modern Feng Shui approaches. When designing your garden, use your imagination and work with a variety of materials — metals, glass, stones. Think about incorporating the elements: water (trickling water fountain); air (a wind chime); fire (a fire pit or garden lighting) and earth (the plantings and white rocks). For the element of mystery and spirituality, add gazing balls.

Make the garden inviting to wildlife and pets. A winding garden path also keeps the chi energy circulating.

In Feng Shui, practitioners follow a bagua map for the ideal flow in a home or garden. The bagua map is also a sort of mind map that helps people find love and success.

To learn more about the MBTI cognitive functions and how it connects to Feng Shui and finding love, listen to Gareth Richard’s narration of Bagua Map to Love: MBTI Game of Clue CLICK HERE.

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